The Mandurah Ocean Club started as an outrigger canoe club but soon welcomed all paddlers who enjoy ocean paddling. 
OC6 Canoe paddling

The club has a number of OC6 (six person outrigger canoes) and members have their own OC1 and OC2 canoes (one and two person outrigger canoes) and are happy to take new paddlers out and show them how much fun, easy and safe easy outrigger canoe paddling can be.

OC1 canoe paddling


Outrigger canoe paddling has its origins in the development and spread of the polynesian people across the Pacific Ocean, and the canoe was the means of this spread.

Outrigger canoe racing is a relatively young sport in Australia. The sport has it's origins in the Whitsunday Islands in the 1980's with the staff of the resort islands holding regular competitions. The sport then rapidly spread up and down the east coast during the 1990's.

Racing takes on two forms, marathons and sprints, both in six person canoes (OC6) and solo and two man canoes (OC1/OC2).

Sprint races are held over 500 - 3000 metres, whilst marathon races vary in distance between 5 and 30 kilometres. For races over 30 kms, the six person teams are allowed to have 9 crew with any 3 alternating by way of changeovers. This is where paddlers fall out of the canoe and are replaced by waiting paddlers in the water who grab the side of the canoe and pull themselves into the craft to commence paddling.

Age divisions include junior divisions from 12 to 19 years old, Open Men and Women to Golden Master Men and Women over 55.

There are various major events are held annually, including the prestigious and challenging Hamilton Cup held in the beautiful Whitsundays, the 48km Gold Coast Cup and the National Sprint and Marathon Titles. In WA there are both races of OC1/2 and OC6s at a series of regattas held over summer usually about one a month.