Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 Mandurah Duel Video

Here is a fantastic video put together by the Jeep Surfski World Series team of the 2012 Mandurah Duel, it really captures the awesome conditions on the day that just got better and better during the race. It also catches the great tussle between the Mocke brothers that went down to the wire. It also does a great jog of showcasing just what a great place Mandurah is to paddle in, but apparently Mandurah is now located north of Perth ;-)

2012 Mandurah Duel from Colin Bartley on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Introducing Iki Nai'a

Iki Nai'a, our little dolphin finished and ready to play. We took Iki out last night for it's first surf in some pretty sloppy conditions and it was beautiful. Just a few tweaks with the rigging to balance her up with and she's ready for the winter swells, bring it on! Special thanks needs to be said to Max our master canoe builder and to his apprentice Mark who both put in many hours of sanding, grinding and glassing that has produced this beautiful little canoe. Check out the album on our Facebook page call "Pimp My OC" to see the transformation from old OC6 into sleek OC4.

Stay tuned for the blessing ceremony coming soon!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Weekend of Paddling

What a huge weekend of paddle wetting action for the MOCAS!! We were in the ocean, across the estuary and up the creek!

The OC MOCAs headed down to Bunbury for the West Coast regatta on Saturday and though only limited to 4 men and 3 women still finished 1st in the Mixed Marathon and 2nd in Mens Marathon with Gayle and Helen in the crew, don't mess with the MOCA chicks!!! We even scored a 3rd over the line and 2nd in our division for the OC2 novice relay. A great day by everyone, with the highlight of Dario letting some enthusiastic supporters that he thought their cheering was too loud as we started a race... classic!

On Sunday was the Mandurah Island Challenge and Pinjarra to Ravenswood Marathon both seeing the yellow jersey doing well. In the Mandurah Island Challenge Adam apparently set such a blistering pace that he was finished, packed up and driving away before anyone knew! The commentator on the mic had just said "and here comes the first paddler under the bridge now ..." when somebody pointed out that that's the first paddler driving over the bridge with his ski on the roof heading off to do the Pinjarra Marathon!

Mark battled it out with Adam in the meandering backwater of the Murray River (I'm told if you listen carefully you can hear the banjos) in the Pinjarra marathon and managed to pull away and win his division as well, apart from the fact that Adam had just done a 15km marathon and wins a win right Mark! ;-)

Well done all the MOCAS who paddled on the weekend, go you good yellow things. The OCs only have 2 more regattas left in the season and are siting on top of the leader board and for the double ended blades thoughts are turning Avon.

Keep up the good work gang... go the MOCAS

Thursday, March 8, 2012


The Big Blue Bash is on! It's all happening on the 18th March. Get all the race info and course maps on the Big Blue Bash page.

Monday, February 27, 2012

How To Downwind - The Cut Run

Check out the great video of Dean Beament and Mark Hardie smashing the Cut Run on a double ski.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Rookie's State Championship Title

Rookie recently won the 1st place Molokai medal at the CWA Marathon State 10km Championships, here is his account of the race and some photos.

The venue, “Champion Lakes” is Western Australia’s purpose built rowing facility in Armadale (www.championlakesrc.com.au).  A 2km international rowing course with return loop, club houses etc.  The CWA 10km marathon course does two and a bit laps of the loop to get variable conditions, corners and some shallows to navigate.  Conditions were 15 knot easterlies, slight chop (small for us ocean paddlers).  Rather hot paddling with the wind, nice into the wind, with the odd head wind gust to making you question your GPS!

It was a good race for me.  I PB’d my 10km time with 51min flat on the GPS.  I had the lead from the start in my grid, so did not get to wash ride, and had to paddle through a few back markers of early grids, it was quite a hard slog.  It was also quite different not having a gun paddler ahead of me to focus on, or a similar paced paddler to dice with.  Kind of like a hard personal training session.

My new ‘in boat’ drink system stuffed up early in the race, with my neck loop coming undone, so I lost a few strokes here and there taking a drink, but had to in the heat.  Remember don’t change things before the race ... like I did.

Weapon of choice ... Carbonology Atom.  The ski is very fast on the flat water, so was the right choice for the day.  Fast and comfortable throughout the race, but I am still not ready to take it in heavy Cut Runs!

I got a lot of favourable comments on the MOC ‘dress’ shirt when receiving the medal.  I replied ... “Mandurah Ocean Club are a classy bunch, it’s not all about paddling” ;-)

Unfortunately I am unlikely to have that sort of podium opportunity again, but while the guns are away, the Rookie will play ;-)