Monday, March 14, 2011

Geographe Regatta Report

The MOCAS with the "Jetty Trophy"

Another Dominant Performance by the MOCAS

The MOCAS have stamped their dominance over this season with a clean sweep of wins at the Geographe Outriggers regatta held in Busselton on the weekend. Wining every race on offer the Mandurah paddlers have consolidated their position on the top of the ladder in the race for the State Championship.

The Open Men OC6 (outrigger canoe 6 person canoe) got racing underway with a strong start in their 10km marathon before extending their lead on the downwind leg and surfing away from the pack for a comfortable win. The Women’s OC6 8km marathon was next off and the Mandurah ladies were pushed from the start sitting in third place at the first turning buoy, then on the downwind leg surfed passed the leaders through some great steering from Julie Bartley to take the lead and pull away for a great win.

In a true show of the depth of the Mandurah paddlers it was decided to enter two teams of equal strength into the Mixed OC6 marathon instead of stacking one crew. Mandurah still managed to win the race in a very close fought battle with Cottesloe and Westcoast with the second Mandurah crew finishing 4th only 1 minute behind.

In a final fun elimination sprint race with all the teams being selected by ballot from all the clubs present the race was won by a team paddling in a Mandurah canoe with two Mandurah paddlers in the, Linda Mestrovic sitting stroke and Colin Bartley steering.

Points Tally for the regatta.

Mandurah 42pts
Wavemasters 24pts
Fremantle 19pts
West Coast 18pts
Cottesloe 10pts
Geographe 9.5pts

So with two races to go to determine the State Champions and only a maximum of 24 points on offer Mandurah has it in the bag!

Mandurah - 100.75 points
W/masters - 64 points
Fremantle - 53.25 points
Cottesloe - 40 points
West Coast - 28 points
Geographe - 17.7 points

Go the MOCAS, State Champions for 2011!!!

The Junior Mixed OC6 crew getting ready to race!
Seasons Race Results


November 2010

28th Nov - Bay to Beach
OC6 Mixed 1st MOCC

December - 2010

12th Dec - West Coast OCC
OC1 Relay 2nd MOCC


January 2011

22nd Jan - The Doctor Race
Rotto to Scarborough
OC1 - 3rd and 4th MOCC

February 2011

12th Feb - Wave Masters OCC
OC6 Changeover - 1st MOCC

26th Feb - Cottesloe OCC
OC1 Women - 1st and 2nd MOCC
OC1 Men - 1st and 2nd MOCC
OC6 Women - 2nd MOCC
OC6 Men - 1st MOCC
V12 Mixed - 1st MOCC

March 2011

13th Mar - Geographe OCC
OC6 Men's - 1st MOCC
OC6 Women's - 1st MOCC
OC6 Mixed - 1st & 4th MOCC

20th Mar - Mandurah Duel
OC6 - 2nd MOCC
OC1 - 1st MOCC 
Double Ski - 1st MOCC
Single Ski 40+ - 2nd MOCC

April 2011

2nd Apr - Geographe Crossing
OC6 Changeover Race - 1st MOCC