Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big News Items for the MOCCAS

Affiliation with WA Canoeing
This is great news for the club and all paddlers in the Mandurah area, by being affiliated and recognised by WA Canoeing it allows ski paddlers join our club and have full entitlements to paddle and compete in all WA Canoeing events including State Titles and championship events. How good is that.

It also allows all MOOC members to compete at Canoeing WA events with full insurance. We also hope to attract paddlers from the SUP fraternity as well and build a true ocean paddling club that openly encourage cross discipline paddling with shared knowledge and training techniques.

New Storage Shed
The Mandurah City Council is kindly building us a new club house and storage shed for our canoes including OC6, OC1 and skis. Construction has commenced and will be completed in about 2-3 weeks. The shed will be located at the Old Sailing Club of Mary St in Halls Head, see the map on the right for the location. Members will be able to store their canoes and skis in the shed. This is a huge deal for the club and will give us an actual home.

Big Downwind Event 
We are also in the final stages of negotiations with sponsors about holding a down wind race here in Mandurah with serious prize money that will dovetail onto the end of "The Doctor" event. Stay tuned for further announcements.



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