Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Club Results from 09/10 Season

Here are our results from last season to look back on and motivate us all for this season. Good luck for the new season MOCCAS!

November 2009

1 Nov - Swan River Classic
Bridge to Bridge
OC6, OC1 and OC2
1st & 2nd Mandurah

21st Nov - Seashells Mandurah Classic
Dawesville Cut to Halls Head
OC1 & OC2
1st Place OC1 Men - Mandurah
1st Place OC1 Women - Mandurah
1st Place OC2 Women - Mandurah

29th Nov - Mainpeak Bay to Beach
Mosman Bay to Cottesloe Beach
OC6 Mixed
1st Place Mandurah

December 2009

13th Dec - West Coast OCC
Koombana Bay
OC1 - Relay
1st Place Mandurah

January 2010

9th Jan - Wavemaster’s OCC, Bunbury
Dallyellup Challenge - OC6 Changeover
1st place Mandurah

23 Jan - Geographe OCC,
1st place Men's Marathon Mandurah
1st place Women's Marathon Mandurah
1st place Mixed Marathon Mandurah
1st place Mixed Sprint Mandurah

February 2010

13th Feb - Cottesloe OCC,
Swan River
OC6, OC1 and OC2
1st, 2nd & 3rd OC1 Women
1st & 3rd OC1 Men
1st OC6 Men's Marathon
1st OC6 Mixed Marathon
2nd OC6 Women's Marathon

March 2010

14th Mar - Mandurah OCC,
Halls Head
OC6, OC1, OC2, Ski
1st, 2nd OC1 Mens
1st OC2 Womens
1st OC6 Mens Marathon
1st OC6 Mixed Marathon
2nd OC6 Womens Marathon

28th Mar - Fremantle OCC,
Champion Lakes (Sprints)
OC6, OC1 & OC2
1st OC6 Men's 500m
1st OC6 Men's 1000m
1st OC6 Mixed 500m
1st OC6 Mixed 1000m
1st OC6 Women's 500m
2nd OC6 Women's 1000m

April 2010

17th April - West Coast OCC,
Geographe Crossing
Change-Over Race - OC6 & OC2

1st OC6 Mixed and line honours
60km 5hrs 8mins

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