Monday, June 7, 2010

Fund Raising For New Canoe

We've all talked about getting a new canoe for a couple of years now so we hope we've come up with a way of making it happen. Our club has the oldest fleet of OC6 canoe in WA, (probably Australia!) and while Max, Dario and Terry did a great job renovating one of the 20 year old Classics it would be nice to have a flash new state of the art light weight racing canoe.

We need $20,000 to buy a new canoe and get it shipped over here and being only a small club we would have to sell a lot of chocolates and do a lot of sausage sizzles. We are not going to find one big sponsor to buy us a canoe but if we get a lot of small sponsors we might just do it. So here is the challenge, if every member of the club can find a sponsor to donate $1,000 by Xmas then we can do it! Julie and myself will put up $2,000 from Outrigger Connection and we're on out way, Darios will have about $4,000 in chocolate money soon, so get out there and see what you can do. We'll keep a running tally over on the right of the website. See if your work will sponsor us or friends who want to support a winning team. Show any potential sponsors our website.

All sponsors will have their logo on the new canoe and be honourable members of the club.

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