Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mandurah Classic Ocean Paddle

A Classic it was!!! Near perfect conditions, 15knots of tailwind the whole way, and wait for it.... 105 craft on the water, skis, kayaks, plastics, outriggers!!! Well done to all the outriggers that did the race and all had huge smiles on their faces at the end of the race. Dario, Terry and myself had a great battle for the lead, Dario got away but I managed to chase him down and grab a nice lead before turning the pole at Halls Head... and then fell off!!! I swear I could hear Dario laughing as he went passed! Terry came in behind me, followed by Max and then Wayne from Bunbury. Linda and Mel did the race on an OC2 and where heard by everyone squealing and giggling like school girls the whole way. And well done to Jules the only lady to do it on an OC1, that's still a 1st place!

And a special big thanks to all the MOCC helpers on the day that made the event run smoothly, helping out at the start, with the timekeepers at the finish and helping out the paddlers with their craft on the finish line, well done to you all.

The presentation and BBQ by the pool at Seashells was fantastic and the talk around the pool was nothing but praise for a fantastic course, location and finish venue. All the ski paddlers from Perth were talking about what a fantastic downhill race course it was, so we can expect to see a lot more paddlers her next year when word gets out. The paddlers were happy, James the Manager of Seashells was happy, Ash Nebitt from WA Canoeing was happy, it was a good day all round. Check out the short movie of the event below.

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