Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Sponsor - Southpoint Prestige

I'd like you all to welcome aboard Paul Goldie and Southpoint Prestige as the newest sponsor of the MOCC. Southpoint Prestige specialise in pre-owned luxury vehicle sales and servicing. Southpoint Prestige will be taking our OC6 trailer and "pimping it", they're going to give it a complete overhaul and refit, removing the existing axles and relocating them further forward to balance the trailer and make it easier and safer to tow. By the time Paul is finished with it, it'll be so nice it'll probable have a Merc badge on it! Rumour has it he's even going to have a bash at making us a proper little canoe trolly to get the OC6s down to the beach with! Oh the joy!

Included in the sponsorship Southpoint Prestige can also carry out servicing, maintenance and repairs on MOCC members cars at "Trade Rates", on all makes and models! They're used to working on Mercs and Porches so imagine what they could do to your car!

It's fantastic to have you aboard Paul, we look forward to seeing you in a canoe, very soon!



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Welcome aboard Southpoint