Monday, October 5, 2009

Last Season Results

Here is a breakdown of the points tally for last season and our regatta results. It was a great season, can we do better this season?

OC6 - Club Points 08/09
Mandurah - 174
Fremantle - 127.5
Cottesloe - 127
Geographe - 91.5
West Coast - 67.5
Wave Masters - 30

OC1 - Club Points 08/09
Mandurah - 70
West Coast - 39
Fremantle - 25
Cottesloe - 11
Geographe - 6
Wave Masters - 2

OC6 Regatta Results 08/09
Swan River Classic - Bridge to Bridge
  • Combined with other clubs

    Wavemaster’s OCC, Bunbury
    1st Place - OC6 Mixed
    1st Place - OC6 Men

    Mainpeak Bay to Beach, Perth
    1st Place - OC6 Mixed

    Geographe OCC, Busselton
    2nd & 5th Place OC6 Mixed
    5th Place OC6 Women
    1st Place OC6 Men

    Cottesloe OCC, Swan River
    1st & 5th Place OC6 Mixed
    1st Place OC6 Men
    1st Place OC6 Women

    Fremantle OCC (Sprints), Champion Lakes
    1st OC6 Men 500m
    2nd OC6 Women 500m
    1st OC6 Mixed 500m
    1st OC6 Men 500m turn
    1st OC6 Women 500m turn
    1st OC6 Mixed 500m turn
    1st, & 2nd OC1 Men 250m
    1st, 2nd & 3rd OC1 Women 250m

    Mandurah OCC, Halls Head
    2nd & 3rd OC1 Women's Marathon
    1st & 3rd OC1 Men's Marathon
    1st OC6 Mixed Marathon
    3rd OC6 Women's Marathon
    1st OC6 Men's Marathon

    West Coast OCC, Geographe Crossing Change-Over Race
    2nd over the line in an OC2 against all the OC6's

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