Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mandurah Classic Ocean Paddle

A Classic it was!!! Near perfect conditions, 15knots of tailwind the whole way, and wait for it.... 105 craft on the water, skis, kayaks, plastics, outriggers!!! Well done to all the outriggers that did the race and all had huge smiles on their faces at the end of the race. Dario, Terry and myself had a great battle for the lead, Dario got away but I managed to chase him down and grab a nice lead before turning the pole at Halls Head... and then fell off!!! I swear I could hear Dario laughing as he went passed! Terry came in behind me, followed by Max and then Wayne from Bunbury. Linda and Mel did the race on an OC2 and where heard by everyone squealing and giggling like school girls the whole way. And well done to Jules the only lady to do it on an OC1, that's still a 1st place!

And a special big thanks to all the MOCC helpers on the day that made the event run smoothly, helping out at the start, with the timekeepers at the finish and helping out the paddlers with their craft on the finish line, well done to you all.

The presentation and BBQ by the pool at Seashells was fantastic and the talk around the pool was nothing but praise for a fantastic course, location and finish venue. All the ski paddlers from Perth were talking about what a fantastic downhill race course it was, so we can expect to see a lot more paddlers her next year when word gets out. The paddlers were happy, James the Manager of Seashells was happy, Ash Nebitt from WA Canoeing was happy, it was a good day all round. Check out the short movie of the event below.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mandurah Go 1, 2 in Bridge to Bridge

What a great start to the 2009/10 season, the Mandurah Outrigger Club finished 1st and 2nd in their division in the Royal Surf Lifesaving ‘Classic Paddle’ from the Narrows Bridge down the river to the Stirling Bridge. Seen as a precursor race to the season proper the Bridge to Bridge race is where states outrigger teams get an early look at each other before the points races start. The competition didn’t get to look at the Mandurah teams for very long, within the first 10 mins both the Mandurah crews had left the other Outrigger crews and Dragon Boat teams, who all start together, behind and were fighting each other for the lead. The mixed crew was even late for the start having to fight it’s way through the flotilla of skis to get to the line.
The mixed team of 3 guys and 3 girls, which was stacked with some of our strongest paddlers soon caught the mens crew and a real ding dong battle then began. Battling a stiff 25kn SE  breeze smashing chop and waves into the side of both canoes they raced neck-a-neck until the mixed crew slipped ahead. The men’s crew then took advantage of the change in course and surfed into the lead again on the downwind section to Pt Walter Spit. The Mixed crew caught up and took the lead just before the portage over the Spit. The portage has to be the toughest part of the race, after using all upper body for the first half of the race then jumping out and pushing a 155kg canoe across the sand is a shock to the system. The Mixed crew held their lead for the last 4km to the finish with the Men’s crew hot on their heels. 
Many thanks to our new club sponsor Southpoint Prestige who did a great job refurbishing our trailer, it went like a dream. Our next race is the Mandurah Classic Paddle from the Dawesville Cut to Seashells Resort on the 21st Nov followed the next weekend by the Bay to Beach in Perth from Mossman Bay to Cottesloe Beach.

Mandurah Classic Paddle

The Mandurah Classic Paddle is on again and scheduled for Saturday the 21st November. This exciting ocean event is made even better with a good sea breeze expected to be blowing on the day making the course a straight downhill dash parallel with the coast up to Halls Head then into Comet Bay and finishing on the Beach in front of Seashells Resort, a distance of 14km.

Registrations open at 12.30pm in the park at the intersection of Northport Boulevard and Batavia Ave in Port Bouvard. The beach here will also be the launching point for all craft who will then paddle out to the start line in the Dawesville Channel. The race will start at 2.00pm and will include outrigger canoes and ski paddlers.

As mentioned the finish line will be on Town Beach in front of Seashells Resort where the presentation will also be held later by the pool overlooking the beach with a BBQ and drinks to finish the day. We are pleased to welcome Seashells aboard as sponsors who are also putting up a prize of a weekend for two staying at Seashells Mandurah. Kayaks 4 You is also a major supporter of the event donating cash and prizes for the event. The City of Mandurah is another valued supporter who is assisting with the water safety on the day. Together with our major sponsor Spirit Paddle Sports and our nutrition sponsor Shotz Sports Nutrition, all things canoeing at Canoeing Down Under and Go Paddle sports, this promises to be a great event.

We look forward to seeing you all in Mandurah for this exciting event.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Sponsor - Southpoint Prestige

I'd like you all to welcome aboard Paul Goldie and Southpoint Prestige as the newest sponsor of the MOCC. Southpoint Prestige specialise in pre-owned luxury vehicle sales and servicing. Southpoint Prestige will be taking our OC6 trailer and "pimping it", they're going to give it a complete overhaul and refit, removing the existing axles and relocating them further forward to balance the trailer and make it easier and safer to tow. By the time Paul is finished with it, it'll be so nice it'll probable have a Merc badge on it! Rumour has it he's even going to have a bash at making us a proper little canoe trolly to get the OC6s down to the beach with! Oh the joy!

Included in the sponsorship Southpoint Prestige can also carry out servicing, maintenance and repairs on MOCC members cars at "Trade Rates", on all makes and models! They're used to working on Mercs and Porches so imagine what they could do to your car!

It's fantastic to have you aboard Paul, we look forward to seeing you in a canoe, very soon!



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Membership Now Due

Hi and welcome to season 2009/10.

Before we get started we need everyone to pay their membership fees.

If you want to compete and race this season you need to pay your $65 AOCRA registration on the AOCRA website at http://www.aocra.com.au/ and then pay your $45 club fee either by direct deposit or by cheque. Contact me for details colin@bluedge.com.au

If you want to just join the club as a social member and not race you can just pay the $45 club fee.

If you would like to keep up to date with everything that happens in the club and gets posted here, just click on the Email Subscription tab on the right, fill in your details and then when ever something new is posted you will get an email.

See you on the water.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Last Season Results

Here is a breakdown of the points tally for last season and our regatta results. It was a great season, can we do better this season?

OC6 - Club Points 08/09
Mandurah - 174
Fremantle - 127.5
Cottesloe - 127
Geographe - 91.5
West Coast - 67.5
Wave Masters - 30

OC1 - Club Points 08/09
Mandurah - 70
West Coast - 39
Fremantle - 25
Cottesloe - 11
Geographe - 6
Wave Masters - 2

OC6 Regatta Results 08/09
Swan River Classic - Bridge to Bridge
  • Combined with other clubs

    Wavemaster’s OCC, Bunbury
    1st Place - OC6 Mixed
    1st Place - OC6 Men

    Mainpeak Bay to Beach, Perth
    1st Place - OC6 Mixed

    Geographe OCC, Busselton
    2nd & 5th Place OC6 Mixed
    5th Place OC6 Women
    1st Place OC6 Men

    Cottesloe OCC, Swan River
    1st & 5th Place OC6 Mixed
    1st Place OC6 Men
    1st Place OC6 Women

    Fremantle OCC (Sprints), Champion Lakes
    1st OC6 Men 500m
    2nd OC6 Women 500m
    1st OC6 Mixed 500m
    1st OC6 Men 500m turn
    1st OC6 Women 500m turn
    1st OC6 Mixed 500m turn
    1st, & 2nd OC1 Men 250m
    1st, 2nd & 3rd OC1 Women 250m

    Mandurah OCC, Halls Head
    2nd & 3rd OC1 Women's Marathon
    1st & 3rd OC1 Men's Marathon
    1st OC6 Mixed Marathon
    3rd OC6 Women's Marathon
    1st OC6 Men's Marathon

    West Coast OCC, Geographe Crossing Change-Over Race
    2nd over the line in an OC2 against all the OC6's

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mandurah's Regatta

After another strong showing at our own regatta last weekend we now have an unassailable lead in the points standing to decide the State’s Champion Club for 2009. With one race to go for the season we can’t be beaten. 

The Mandurah regatta was held off Doddi’s Beach and consisted of OC1 (one person outrigger) marathons and OC6 (six person outrigger) marathons. Our Mandurah paddlers again started very strong in the OC1 races, with Tony Bowman winning the 5km marathon convincingly and Dario Mestrovic picking up 3rd. Linda Mestrovic and Mel Rei finished a very close 2nd and 3rd in the Women’s OC1 mini Marathon.

In the OC6 marathons we again dominated winning both the Men’s and Mixed division. The Women’s division again provided a nail biting finish with a collision between the leading canoes from Fremantle and Cottesloe 200m from the finish. This allowed our Mandurah girls to race up from behind and nearly steal the race, they hit the beach at the same time as the Fremantle crew and were only beaten in the foot race up the beach to the finish line. Cott won the race.

The Mandurah Outrigger Club would like to thank all its volunteers and support boat drivers that helped us out on the day, we couldn't have done it with out you. We would also like to thank our sponsors who donated prizes on the day including, Fast Fluor & SKM, Mandurah Ferry Cruises, City of Mandurah and Outrigger Connection.

The only race left for the season now is the gruelling Geographe Crossing, a 60km race from Bunbury to Busselton on the 28th March. This race is unique in that a team has 12 paddlers that are rotated in and out of the canoe from a support boat. The support boat drops paddlers in the water in front of the canoe and as the canoe approaches, a number of paddlers in the canoe jump out one side and the paddlers in the water pull themselves from the other side into the canoe to replace them. This happens about every 30mins and the winning crew will complete the race in around 6 hours. Mandurah will be running a mixed crew of 6 men and 6 women in the Mixed Division. Go Mandurah!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mandurah Sprints Ahead

The Champion Lakes rowing centre at Armadale was the site for the latest outrigging races, a sprint regatta hosted by the Fremantle Outrigger Club. It was almost the perfect regatta for the Mandurah paddlers winning all but one of the eight sprint races on offer. They finished with an amazing seven 1st and a 2nd.

In an amazing finish in the Mens’s 250m OC1 sprint there was a 3 way tie for 1st place between Colin Bartley of the Mandurah Club and two paddlers from the Fremantle club. Dario Mestrovic of Mandurah took out the next place and as an indication of how close the racing was, the first 6 paddlers finished within 1.5 second of each other. Our Mandurah ladies completed the OC1 sprints with a 1,2,3 finish for Linda Mestrovic, Julie Bartley and Mel Rei respectfully.

There was a touch of controversy with the first race of the day, the Men’s OC6 500m sprint, when it was discovered that the timing gear didn’t work. The Mandurah crew had won comfortably but was told at the end of the day the heat would have to be run again, but all the times from the subsequent heats would still stand. So after racing all day the boys had to go out one more time and try and post the fasted time to claim victory and with one of their strongest paddlers already gone home the pressure was on. But in true Mandurah never say die style one of their new paddlers stepped up and they delivered the goods....just! They posted the fasted time by 1.5 seconds.

With only two regattas to go the Mandurah club is hoping to continue their winning form and take out the champion club of the year.

The Mandurah Outrigger Canoe Club is hosting the next regatta on Saturday 7th March at Doddi’s Beach starting at 9.00am. Come down and have a look at the exciting ocean sport of Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing and cheer on the Mandurah paddlers.

Friday, February 13, 2009

MOCC Wins in Perth

The Mandurah Outrigger Canoe Club have continued their season winning performance with a clean sweep of wins at the latest regatta held on the Swan River last weekend hosted by the Cottesloe Outrigger Club. Not only did the Mandurah paddlers win all the OC6 (six person outrigger canoe) races, the club also took out the champions club trophy for the day and consolidated it’s place on top of the ladder for champion club of the year.

The day started strongly for Mandurah in the OC1 (one person outrigger canoe) events with paddlers placing 2nd & 3rd in both men’s and women’s events. Mandurah’s strength comes from training and paddling on OC1s this showed with mandurah paddlers filling most of the top five places in both races.

The first OC6 event on the program was the Mixed Mini Marathon over 5km. Mandurah showed the depth of paddling ability by taking the lead from the start and extending it over the length of the course to win by 100m. The crew consisted of Linda Mestrovic, Terry Russell, Mac Nichols, Dario Mestrovic, Mel Rei and Julie Bartley. Mandurah’s second mixed crew finished a strong 5th.

It was now the men’s turn in the 10km Men’s Marathon. Again the Mandurah boys got out to an early lead but were chased hard by Cottesloe and Fremantle. The men’s crew of Terry Russell, Dario Mestrovic, Mac Nichols, Ian Campbell, Max Butler and Colin Bartley made a good turn at the half way markand  stretched their lead over the Freo crew and finished strongly with a 75m lead. 

The last event of the day was the Women’s 8km marathon and proved to be the most exciting race of the day. The Fremantle Doctor was now blowing hard and the girls had a 4km up wind leg from the start. The three crews of Fremantle, Cottesloe and Mandurah exchanged the lead a number of times heading up the course before Cottesloe and Mandurah got a small jump on Freo. With only 2km to go Julie Bartley steered the Mandurah canoe behind and to the inside of the Cott canoe and got the inside line for the last two rounding marks. Having the inside line gave the Mandurah girls all they needed to lift and go past the Cott girls and win by a canoe length. 

With 3 regattas finished and 3 to go, Mandurah now sits on top of the ladder. Their next regatta is a sprint series on the 21st of February and then they will host their own regatta here in Mandurah on March 7th. The last race of the season is the gruelling 6okm Geographe Classic from Bunbury to Busselton at the end of March.

The above photo was taken by Paul French of the Cottesloe OCC. You can see more of Paul's work at http://pfrenchie.smugmug.com/gallery/7293972_tLD8S/1/469005669_dtve2